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Local resource for rollerblading trails in Orangeburg. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to walking trails, hiking trails, cycling trails, and skiing trails, as well as advice and content on trail skating and trail skating safety.

Agc Gymnastics Plus
(803) 531-2956
3729 Magnolia St Ne
Orangeburg, SC
Nautilis Health & Fitness
(803) 536-0583
1223 Brickle St
Orangeburg, SC
Bamberg Fitness Center
(803) 245-1199
3062 Main Hwy
Bamberg, SC
Impact Xpress Fitness Inc
(803) 366-5678
572 John Ross Pkwy
Rock Hill, SC
Fitness Together Simpsonville
(864) 757-9700
926 NE Main Street, Ste G
Simpsonville, SC
Programs & Services
Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Personal Training, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Lady Fitness Express
(803) 536-0585
1223 Brickle St
Orangeburg, SC
New Image Personal Training
(803) 534-2956
1163 Broughton St
Orangeburg, SC
Personal Trainer

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New Image Personal Training
(803) 534-2956
1075 Broughton St
Orangeburg, SC
Vitality Center
(864) 255-1843
1 Saint Francis Dr
Greenville, SC
Premier Personal Training of the Upstate
(864) 288-3504
1310 Garlington Rd
Greenville, SC
Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist

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Eight Rules for Safe Trail Skating

By Greg Major

Skaters sharing trail with bike rider

Skaters share a beach path with a cyclist in Long Beach.
Photo: Darlene Prois


With the skating season upon us, skaters everywhere will be heading outdoors again ... but so will millions of bikers, runners, walkers, dogs ... and who knows what else.

To help you navigate the hazards, here are some tips for skating on multi-use paths and trails.

1) Always wear a helmet. I am amazed when I see skaters decked out in every pad known to man but with nothing on their noggins.

Remember: Road rash heals, but a good bump on the head could cause you to eat with a straw for the rest of your life.

2) Don't expect others to make room for you. Everybody believes they are the king of the road. Be prepared to make room for trail hogs. And while you're at it, set a good example by making room for others.

3) Be polite. Let people know before you pass by calling out, "On your left." And don't expect people to get out of your...

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