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Law Enforcement Equipment
(781) 894-2879
305 River St
Waltham, MA
Braeburn Pro Shop
(617) 244-4411
326 Fuller St
West Newton, MA
Foot Locker Arsenal
(617) 926-7964
Mkt Pl
Watertown, MA
Feet Wise Inc
(617) 926-3338
455 Main St
Watertown, MA
Olympia Sports Center
(617) 924-0440
Arsenal Mall
Watertown, MA
Brine's Sporting Goods
(617) 489-6791
4 Church St
Belmont, MA
Champions Sporting Goods
(617) 489-4930
53 Leonard St
Belmont, MA
Legacy Athletic Apparel
(617) 924-2596
131 Spruce St
Watertown, MA
Holovak & Coughlin Sporting Goods
(781) 648-7000
14 Mill St
Arlington, MA
Precision Fitness Equipment
(617) 244-0812
275 Centre St Ste 4
Newton, MA

Slideboards for Cross-training

Aug. 18, 2010

What Size Slideboard Should I Get?

QHi, Bill: We can't do a lot of inline skating here during our cold and snowy winters. So I’m thinking of buying a slideboard. I've heard they are a good way to keep in skating shape during the off-season. Can you please advise me on how long a slideboard I should get. I'm 183cm (6 feet) tall. The slideboards on the market are between 7 and 10 feet. Best regards - Tõnis from Estonia

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Hi, Tõnis from Estonia: I’ve got to admit I’ve never been a big fan of slideboards. But that may have more to do with geography than anything else. I’ve done most of my coaching in Australia, New Zealand, Colombia and, in the summer, Europe.

In those climates, we could almost always train outside. So we didn’t need slideboards. My only real experience with slideboards came in the early days of inline skating when we were experimenting with them.

Slideboards are a popular tool for skaters in cold climates, like yours. But I do have one concern about them: the potential for injuring your ankles by repeatedly slamming them into the side rails of the slideboard at the end of each stroke.

So don’t be too aggressive on a slideboard....

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