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Total Training Center
(516) 921-1295
2A Jackson Ave
Syosset, NY
Personal Trainer

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Menduni Rosalie
(516) 677-1994
2 Calvert Dr
Syosset, NY
Personal Trainer

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New York Sports Clubs
(516) 496-9800
49 Ira Rd
Syosset, NY
Gavin Silver
(516) 724-0545
Woodbury, NY

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Lucille Roberts Plainview
(516) 681-2464
359 South Oyster Bay Road
Plainview, NY
Programs & Services
Aerobics, Belly Dancing Class, Boot Camp, Cardio Kickboxing, Hip Hop Dance Class, Kickboxing, Personal Training, Pilates, Step Class, Yoga, Zumba

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Power House Gym
(516) 933-1111
235 Robbins Ln # C
Syosset, NY
(516) 496-3030
35 Ira Rd
Syosset, NY
Adult Urology Care
(516) 496-2985
175 Jericho Tpke
Syosset, NY
Osteopath (DO), Personal Trainer, Psychologist

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
(516) 827-1290
420 Jericho Tpke Ste 320
Jericho, NY
Personal Trainer

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Fitness Together
(516) 922-2300
123 South St
Oyster Bay, NY
Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, Psychologist

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Listen to Your Body

By Nadine Currie Jackson

Skaters in the Cold

One of Nadine's sore feet after a week at Skate Farm.

You've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: Pain is your friend, a message from your body that something is wrong ... the pan is too hot ... the bee is angry ... there's a blister on your toe.

It's also a regular — although fortunately not constant — companion of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, skaters included.

It's there when we push ourselves hard during a workout; it's there when we fall or otherwise injure ourselves.

Naturally, we don't think much about pain, except how to avoid it. But the truth is if you learn to listen to pain, it will visit you less often.

How to listen

Think of the way your legs burn when you charge up a hill. The pain is caused by a buildup of lactic acid and other glycogen waste products in your muscles. It's normal, and it usually subsides once you reach the top of the hill or otherwise decrease your level of exertion.

The question is: how should you react to this pain? In and of itself, it won't kill you. But as you may have noticed, it usually makes a mess of your technique — not to mention, your perceptual skills and judgment. And that, of course, is a recipe for disaster. When you start skating sloppy, you're headed for a fall.

There may be times, such as at the end of a race, when you'll want to push yourself through the pain. But be aware of the risk this poses to you and the people arou...

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