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Dick's Sporting Goods
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Brandon, FL
Imperialakes Swimming Inc.
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1901 Shepherd Rd
Lakeland, FL
Maurice`s Auto Repair & Body Shop & Towing
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3025 Drane Field Road
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Bicycle Company Inc
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Bay Area Carts Inc
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Traditional Archery Sales
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Duncan Systems Inc
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A To Z Rental Center
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Styleworks -RV
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Highland City, FL

Preventing Loose Frame Bolts on Inline Skates

By Peter Doucet

Rear frame bolt on inline skate

Rear frame bolt onPeter Doucet's Cado Motus setup.

photo: Peter Doucet

Various disasters lurk on the racecourse. Falling. Getting lost. Being out of shape and outclassed by the competition.

Or all three at once.

Here’s another: the loose frame bolt.

The first indication that anything is wrong is the dreaded clicking sound of a loose frame. At that point, the bolt has loosened.

Next, the bolt falls out, allowing the frame to swing wildly from side to side.

At that point anything can happen, none of it good.

For me, loose frame bolts have resulted in falls or DNFs. Less fortunate skaters have suffered broken ankles.

Fortunately, you can usually prevent frame bolts from loosening with a little preventative maintenance.

Here’s how:

Tighten Up

The most important thing you can do to make sure your frame bolts don’t drop out is to keep them nice and tight. This means checking them regularly and re-tighteni...

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