Personal Fitness Trainers Marlborough MA

Local resource for personal fitness trainers in Marlborough. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to gyms and health centers, as well as advice and content on exercising.

Dr. Alison Roberts
(508) 481-1855
100 Granger Blvd Suite 102
Marlborough, MA
Personal Trainer

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Jeans School Of Gymnastics
(508) 481-4401
255 Main St
Marlborough, MA
Onyx Environmental Services
(508) 460-9958
398 Cedar Hill St
Marlborough, MA
Personal Trainer

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World Class Karate Self
(508) 229-2545
449 Boston Post Rd E
Marlborough, MA
(508) 481-7400
155 Boston Rd
Southborough, MA
Muscular Therapy Ltd
(508) 303-8700
277 Main St
Marlborough, MA
Sudbury Gymnastics Center
(508) 485-2255
53 Brigham St # 6
Marlborough, MA
Golds Gym
(508) 481-2294
420 Maple St
Marlborough, MA
Wayside Racquet Swim Club
(508) 481-1797
80 Broadmeadow St
Marlborough, MA
Nest Group the
(508) 481-6223
11 Main St
Southborough, MA
Osteopath (DO), Personal Trainer, Psychologist

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How Should I Stay in Shape During the Off-season?

Oct. 13, 2010

How Should I Stay in Shape During the Off-season?

QHi, Bill. With the outdoor racing season over, I'm wondering what to do with myself. I need a break from skating, but I don't want to give up all the gains I made this year in terms of technique, strength and conditioning. - Dennis in California

Hi, Dennis: The key to maintaining your hard-earned conditioning is not to quit exercising all together. As you may know, physical conditioning starts to decline after ten days without training. After three months, it’s all gone.

There are lots of ways to stay in shape while you take a break from skating. One of the best is cycling, especially bike racing, which keeps both your body and mind in shape.

Lots of the top skaters in Australia and New Zealand cycle during the offseason. My daughter Nicole competes in an 18 km ...

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How to Maintain Your Legs During the Off-Season

By Debbie Rice

Eddy Matzger skating

Debbie Rice (center) during a marathon.

During the chilly months of the off-season, many of us get lazy and lose sight of our fitness goals.

But remember this cruel math: laziness equals loss of legs.

It’s OK to take a break. But the longer the break, the harder it is to bring your legs back up to speed … and this only gets worse as we age.

I recently made the mistake of taking an entire month off my training. When I got back on skates, the first thing that I noticed was that I could no longer get low! My legs felt weak and wobbly, and I had no power in my stroke.

I was bending at the waist, but unable to get into a deep knee bend. As a result, I had no speed. In order to produce power, you MUST be in the low position so you can push with your glutes.

Bad weather may make it difficult to train during the off-season. But that’s no excuse. You can maintain your power and strength in the comfort of your home.


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What To Do About Muscle Cramps

By Nadine Currie Jackson

straining muscles

Strained to the limit, muscles are prone to cramps.
Photo: Darlene Prois


Pain is ... well, a pain. But it comes with the territory for all of us who train or play hard. It's part of athletic performance and pushing ourselves to be our best. The trick is to know when to heed pain's warning and when to persist.

It's all right to push through some kinds of pain, for instance the muscle fatigue we feel at the end of a race or workout.

But other kinds of pain demand — and require — our attention. Examples include chest pain, severe abdominal pain or the subject of this tip, muscle cramps.

Cramps are sudden involuntary contractions of our muscles. They are often so powerful that they bring us to our knees. Typically, they happen when we are pushing ourselves beyond our normal limits. But sometimes, they can happen while we sleep. (These are called nocturnal cramps.) If you've never had a muscle cramp, you're...

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