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Interval Training for Inline Skaters

By Barry Publow

A practice session of the Toronto Inline Skating Club

Jade Pauley leads the way at a Toronto Inline Skating Club practice, followed by Scott Pauley, Jesse Pauley, Morgan Williams and Herb Gayle.

Photo: Peter Doucet, Speed Skate World

Competing in a marathon is a lot like competing in a 10K. The pace changes often with periods of relaxed skating punctuated by hard surges as skaters chase breakaways or go on fliers of their own.

To be successful under these conditions, you need three things: endurance, acceleration, and the ability to recover.

Endurance will get you to the finish line; acceleration will allow you to keep up with surges in the pack; and the ability to recover will allow you to get the rest you need between surges.

One of the best tools for developing these skills is interval training.

Here are two interval workouts especially designed to prepare skaters for marathons:

Workout No. 1

  • warm up: 5 minutes at a constant pace, then 5 minutes progressing to race pace in the final minute.
  • 4 reps of 5 minutes at 80-85 percent effort with 3 minutes active recovery (very slow skating) between each.
  • rest - 8 minutes
  • 2 fartleks (variable speed interval) of 10 minutes each with 2-3 minutes rest.
  • rest - 3 minutes
  • 5 100m sprints with 90 seconds rest between them
  • cooldown: 10 minutes

Workout No. 2

  • warm up: 5 minutes at a constant pace, then 5 minutes progressing to race pace in the final minute.
  • 2 minutes on at 90 perent effort, followed immediately by 1 minut...

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