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Taunton Ultimate Fitness
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The Inn Fitness Club
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Norton Health Fitness
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Inline Skaters — And How to Avoid Them!

By Robert Burnson

skater sins

Skater sins

Inline skating looks so easy. You just put one foot in front of the other and roll. Almost like walking.

Maybe so. But remember, you weren't born walking. You had to learn how and in the process you spent a considerable amount of time on your backside.

Same thing goes for skating. It's not that hard to learn, but you're likely to bruise your backside and other sensitive parts (like your ego) if you don't avoid these common rookie mistakes:

1) Wearing Skates That Don't Fit

Maybe you don't have your own skates yet. So you are going to use Uncle Bob's size-12 skates even though you are a size 8?

Don't! You'll be swimming in those monsters. You're ankles will be wobbly, which will make it hard to stand — let alone skate. You'll be prone to fall and develop blisters from your feet rubbing against the inside of the boots.

Do yourself a favor: Start with skates that fit!

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