Compression Sportswear Ceres CA

Local resource for compression sportswear in Ceres. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to sports equipment and athletic apparel, as well as advice and content on sportswear.

Dick's Sporting Goods
(209) 578-1215
Vintage Faire Mall
Modesto, CA
Mark Bonales Archery
(209) 531-2533
4021 Lucas Road
Ceres, CA
A & L Products Inc
(209) 538-1890
1900 Kinser Road
Ceres, CA
Ace Sales & Loans
(209) 526-1004
716 9th Street
Modesto, CA
Survival Enterprises
1029 8th Street
Modesto, CA
Down Range
(209) 556-9728
3230 Mitchell Road Suite C
Ceres, CA
Bond Sales CO
Bond Sales CO
900 Bliss Road
Ceres, CA
Barnwood Arms
(209) 575-4867
2053 Yosemite Boulevard
Modesto, CA
Modesto Loan & Jewelry CO
(209) 523-4690
917 10th Street
Modesto, CA
Sierra Sports
(209) 544-1911
1408 North Carpenter Road Suite 6
Modesto, CA

Do Compression Shorts Work as Advertised?

July 28, 2010

Do Compression Shorts Really Work?

QHi, Bill:What do you think of compression shorts that claim to help remove the build up of lactic acid during training? ... Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? - Allan

Hi, Allan: I’m not familiar with all brands of compression sportswear, but I can vouch for the products made by the Australian company Skins. The company’s compression garments appear to work as advertised.

These days, clean athletes look for anything that will give them an edge in the sometimes dirty sports world, and many find compression garments, which are legal, helpful.

Among elite athletes who swear by Skins are two of New Zealand’s top skaters, Kalon Dobbin and my daughter, Nicole. (Skins is one of my daughter’s sponsors.)  Kalon and Nicole have found the Skins garments particu...

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