3 Point Skates Southbridge MA

Local resource for 3 point skates in Southbridge. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to inline skates and skate shops, as well as advice and content on inline speed skating.

Northern Paddler Outdoor Store
(508) 248-1749
14 Worcester Rd.
Charlton, MA
Meadowside Woodstock Inc
(860) 923-3677
25 Route 197
Woodstock, CT
Brown`s Shooting Sports & Sports - Memorabilia
(860) 928-1512
240 County Home Road
Thompson, CT
Regency Coachworks Inc
(860) 684-3716
11 Willington Avenue
Stafford Springs, CT
Shark Cycle Used Parts
(860) 684-7763
11 Willington Avenue
Stafford, CT
Laurel Ridge Inc
(860) 928-9174
65 Ide Perrin Road
Woodstock, CT
Bob''s Discount Kayaks
(413) 245-7396
203 Union Road
Wales, MA
Woodys Outdoor Adventures
(860) 508-5319
4 Old Birch Rd
Stafford, CT
Silver Bicycle CO LLC
(860) 928-7370
6 Livery Street
Putnam, CT
Windham County 4-H Foundation Inc
(860) 974-1122
Taft Pond Road
Abington, CT

Are 3-point Skates better than 2?

Feb. 10, 2010

Are 3-point Skates Better?

QHi, Bill: Some skaters cling to their traditional two-point skates. Others sing the praises of Bont's three-points. But as far as I can tell, there's no clear winner in the "which are better" department. What are your thoughts about three-point skate setups? Do they provide significant advantages over the standard setups with two frame mounts? - Dennis in California

Hi, Dennis from sunny California: As you may know, for many years I — along with my children, Nicole and Wayne — have been involved with Bont. In fact, I was one of the people who pushed for an early release of the Bont 3-points, and Wayne was the first skater to test them in a race: the 2005 Inline 111 in St. Gallen, in which he won the midway sprint.

Bont developed the 3-points in response to the introduction o...

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